welcometoyourselfWe all live in two worlds, the external and the internal. Although we can influence the external world, it is within our internal world where we will make the most difference in ourselves and with those around us.

By changing our own negative core beliefs into a positive energy exchange between head and heart, we transform and so do the things that surround us.

Are you ready to get out of your own way?

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Useless emotions

Seeing through the Fog of Useless Emotions

Guilt and Self-Doubt

You may not have realized it before, but self-doubt and guilt usually burst into your life hand-in-hand, each adding fuel to the other’s fire. In the simplest of explanations, self-doubt is a lack of faith in oneself. It can stem from low self-esteem, or from how others perceive (or how you believe they perceive) you and your abilities. It can sometimes arise after an alleged failure, but more often a series of ‘failures’ or incidents in which others have openly questioned your character and abilities must take place before self-doubt can set in too deeply. You may feel self-doubt before taking a big test, while applying to college, before giving birth to your first child, or when being given an award you don’t think you deserve.

On the other hand, guilt can be cultivated much more quickly.


Is Self-Love the Path to Self-Awakening?

Try Caring for Yourself to Better Care for Others!

After a particularly rough day of attempting to balance, say, attending college, spending time with family, keeping a tidy home, and working full time, you may feel overstressed, overworked, and generally unsatisfied with your life. If this sounds like you, try to remember: Once you stop having fun with something and start to doubt yourself, you ultimately won’t be good at it anymore. You shouldn’t take anything too seriously in life. You need to take some time to relax.

Now, every fiber of your being might rebel against that statement. You might be retorting this very moment with a muttered remark that sounds like this: “If people don’t take anything seriously, who will be the world’s doctors, scientists, architects, and engineers? Who will do the things that make our society run

Road to regret

A Life With No Regrets- Is it Possible?

As you lay in bed late at night you may be taunted by thoughts of what you should have done throughout the day, rather than feeling reassured by what you actually did accomplish. Perhaps on your lunch break at work you may browse a social media site on your mobile phone (I can’t be the only one!) and begin to rethink your own choices as you look at the supposed successes of others. Maybe you still feel awful about causing a former lover’s heartbreak, and seem to be reminded of him or her at every turn. What you are experiencing can be triggered by a full gamut of sensory input- the sight of everyday objects, old photos, and music videos for example. It can even be unintentionally inflicted by the offhanded remark of a concerned friend. Does it have to

Spotting a Great Girl

Top Secrets Married Men Know About Spotting a Great Girl

Married men can spot great girls. Okay, that might sound a little obvious, but for once I am not talking about their ability to “check a girl out.”  I am actually referring to their ability to spot a girl who would make a really great wife or girlfriend.

It has been said that beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone. That is true!  It is also true that ugly can sometimes hide under that surface of beauty, only to appear at a later time, usually when it is too late.  Married guys have a terrific amount of experience in this department. If hindsight is twenty-twenty, then so is married sight…most of the time.  Married guys aren’t always right about girls, but they are right more often than you might think.  Want to know

Ride For The Brand

How Married Women Spot the Signs of a Great Guy.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could know what married women know about finding a great guy?  Someone once said that love is blind, but marriage restores its sight. I don’t know if that is exactly true, but I do know that during the dating stage, we have a tendency to put our best foot forward, and after marriage…well…we are less bashful about putting our other foot forward.

Whether you believe it now or not, it takes more than a great personality and smoking hot looks to make a great relationship.

It might surprise you to know that married women often have tremendous insights into what kind of men would make great husbands, or boyfriends.  They recognize the attributes that really matter in the long run, and can spot those characteristics in other men.  I am going to let you