“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”
–Steve Maraboli


How to move on after a breakup


We all live in two worlds, the external and the internal. Although we can influence the external world, it is within our internal world where we will make the most difference in ourselves and with those around us.

By changing our own negative core beliefs into a positive energy exchange between head and heart, we transform and so do the things that surround us.

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“I’ve known Leslie for almost 14 years and she has given me valuable insight to most of my relationships during that time. All of her advice and thoughts on certain subject matters have been extremely helpful. She has been able to help change my thought patterns and helped me see issues that I had buried. I never would have seen what held me back, if it wasn’t for her. I am now able to think with my head and not let my heart lead. For instance, she advised me to look at my relationship and answer certain questions that allowed me to see where the problem was and what I had to do. I am so very thankful and happy. Happy for the 1st time in my life!”

Vice President Beyond Elegance, Inc.-Ardsley, New York

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